Our Story

Our Story

King brilliant academy was started in the year 2012 by my mother Mrs. Elizabeth during her time as a government teacher in Langas slum. Langas is one of the largest slums of Eldoret town with a large number of children being orphans.

Children in langas are faced with a problem of access to education as the slum is currently has got one government school despite the large demand for education. The student’s teacher ratio is as high as 60:1. This then makes the process of acquiring education very difficult and challenge full.

Motivated by her desire to nature a young generation and increase accessibility to education in langas slum, Mrs Elizabeth saved eno1,1gh rent and started Kingbrilliant academy. She used her salary to sponsor.so and help children to acquire education in la gas slums.

I, one of Elizabeth’s son being raised while seeing how she loved her passion of education to this children I went to a dedicate my life as full time missionaryin my local church for two years my life as a  missionary made me to know Christ at a personal level and start living according to his teaching and attributes .later on after serving lord as fulltime missionary came back home and found passion and love in helping my mother to continue with her passion and mission of enabling the have children in langas slum have access to quality education.

later on, January 2016 Mrs. Elizabeth retired from her teaching professional after attaining the

mandatory retirement age and chose to dedicate her time and love to develop the institute. we used all the savings we had to make the place better for the children to access education. We also had the

school officially registered and recognized by the Kenya government ministry of education as school for the less privileged and orphaned children and also a charitable organization for langas slum children.

We are located at the same place and we are looking forward to more years.

Mr, khasiahi

Our Mission

The primary goal of this project is to restore hope and provision of formal education and needs to orphans and other vulnerable children in Kenya.

We do believe that when we help the children acquire education we would have empowered them to get knowledge and skills for self-development .furthermore we engage in income generating activities to be able to sustain the institution and also to empower members of the local society with entrepreneur skills to help them attain self -reliance within the slum.

Our Work

Our Story


Our Work

In the area we work, there is desperateness for a good education. Although primary education in Kenya is compulsory, it is not free. Even state schools have many extra charges that are beyond the very less fortunate. This results in many children never attending school. That’s why we have built this school in slums of langas area Eldoret Kenya:

  • Provide an education to children who would not otherwise go to school.
  • Provide an excellent Primary education as a stepping stone to Secondary and Tertiary education in the hope that many qualified professionals will return to help their area.

Get Involved

King brilliant academy is involved in community-based Educational Activities to help children and youth reach their full potential and advance their Education.

If you’re wondering how to help children in need – please know that every little bit counts. A blanket. Clean water. Educational supplies for our  school will be highly appreciated and helping one child at a time.

But we can’t do it without you. Whether you give, volunteer or run a road race, your generosity means the world in the life of a child.  

We make it easy for you to help the children, in ways that work for you

................Coronavirus pandemic in Kenya.............

On 22nd March 2020, Kenya joined the list of countries taking drastic measures to curb the spread and transmission of the COVID-19. All schools, restaurants, markets and small businesses were closed which were major source of income to most slam dwellers who worked as casual laboures. This means they lost their source of income. Now that the schools have reopened there has been a wide range number of students who cannot go back to school due to lack of school fees and basic necessity. leaving them reliant on our support. these has led to our institution to accommodate more student but due to the limited number of facilities and covid 19 restrictions it has been a challenge on us.as for this reason we are asking for assistance to help us to brighten up the future of this kids.

What People Say


I have been involved with Kingsbrilliantaccademy since 2013 when I made my first visit there. At that time, I had the privilege to teach English. I’ve seen the love poured into the children through the academic work and know there will be much fruit for the Kingdom of God and for Kenya."

Jane Thompson

I have been working with Kingsbrilliantaccademy for over five years. This organization is completely dedicated to enriching and providing Education to these children This would not be possible if it was not for the big sacrifices that the teams on the ground have freely given—sacrificing their lives, comfort, as well as personal financial livelihoods, in order to make sure an entire generation of children receive beautiful, fulfilled lives...all wrapped in an abundance of God's love."

Andrew J

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Kingsbrilliantacademy is a non-profit making organization situated in Langas, Eldoret, Usain Gishu County in Kenya. Kingsbrilliantacademy takes care of the abandoned, orphaned, the neglected by providing them with education to be able to Empower themselves and have a bright.

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