Our main objective is to provide basic education to our children in our society and community at large in order to uplift the living standard of our children ,parents and community

Our school has over 100 children. Education is the most important thing in our school. We try to get the best education for every single child .we educate our own children together with children from the neighborhood. The school grows every year. At the moment we do have baby-class, pre-unit, class 1 to 08 .As long as they have a sponsor, they continue going for secondary schooling to a boarding school.

Paying school fees for the children in secondary school and covering the feed for has been a big challenge so far. In case of secondary school we have to pay on average $700 each year per child depending on the school. The children in our own school are in need of roughly $300 to cover the salaries of the teacher, food, stationary supply and running costs like water, electricity and other small things. Therefore we need your support! If you wish to support one of the children, we and especially the children would be extremely grateful!

You may ask yourself what is included in daily life and education. We can promise you that you will cover all basic needs of the children. Daily life includes three meals a day (breakfast, lunch, supper), medical care, general costs (water, fire-wood, electricity, salaries, security). Education includes teacher salaries, food (snack, lunch), stationary supply and of course running costs. Not included is the construction of new class-rooms.